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Aimhigher Applying to HE – Goldsmith University

On Friday 26th September myself and Mr Black took 37 students to Goldsmiths University for an Aimhigher Applying to Higher Education Day. The day included lectures on Finances and Interview; hot seating with Ambassadors; and a chance to review their personal statements.

Here are a few words from Ali Mohammed, Head Boy:
Last Friday I was fortunate enough to attend a personal statement workshop day at Goldsmiths University of London. The day was highly informative, as we were able to not only get general advice on what makes up a good personal statement, but we also had individual advice depending on what stage we are at with our personal statement. We also managed to meet current university students, all of whom attend London Universities, which included the likes of St Marys, St George’s and Kingston University. 

The day was particularly useful for myself because of the way that we got split into different groups, depending upon the progress we have already made on our personal statements. For myself, it meant that I got important advice on how to improve upon my first draft, but for my other peers, they still got the chance to be reminded how to start their personal statement; this meant that the day was highly useful for all of those involved. The day ended with us having a final presentation on interview skills and student finances, which helped us take out even more information from an already productive day.