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Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Vision

At Carshalton Boys’ our curriculum is far more than the lessons our students enjoy. It is the whole school experience: from assemblies to educational visits, from News Day Tuesday to student-voice sessions. Our curriculum guides the shared experience that comes with being part of our school family and the individual experience that comes because each one of our students is unique. 

We believe our curriculum makes a difference to who our boys and girls are – and who they will become. It gives them the currency – in knowledge and skills, examination results and enriched experiences – necessary to take their next exciting, informed and ambitious steps in the world. It fosters in our students a sense of character founded in the principles celebrated by our emphasis on PRIDE. It creates a culture that unites the school community around shared values of kindness, hard work and the pursuit of excellence. 

Our curriculum ensures that our boys and girls can take ownership of their learning and, by doing so, take ownership of their destiny.