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Examination Information


Please read and familiarise yourself with the following essential information from the examination awarding bodies.

The links below give you guidance about the rules and regulations that you must follow.

Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessments 2017/18
Information for Candidates - Coursework Assessments 2017/18
Information for Candidates - Non Examinations (NEA) Assessments 2017/18
Information for Candidates - On-Screen Tests 2017/18
Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice 2017/18
Information for Candidates - Social Media 2017/18
Information for Candidates - Written Examinations 2017/18
Warning to Candidates - Conduct 2017/18
Warning to Candidates - Examination Malpractice
Warning to Candidates - No Mobile Phones Poster - JCQ 2017/18



PE Moderation Day- 15th March 2018

GCSE Spanish & French Speaking Exams- 20th March & 17th April 2018

Engineering BTEC Online Exams - 22nd March 2018

PE Schedule Y12-13 EAPI- 26th March 2018

Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Gujarati GCSE Speaking Exams- 18th April 2018

A Level MFL Speaking Exams- 23rd April 2018

March & April 2018 - Exam Timetable



For past Edexcel and BTEC exam papers click here.  When the new tab opens click on Past papers and then select the exam board who will be setting your exam paper(s) and the qualification type you will be examined for. Click the subject you are going to be examined on, followed by a year and finally the type of paper you wish to familiarise yourself with.

For past AQA exam papers click here. When the new tab opens, from the presented drop down option lists select the Subject, Qualification and Specification that you want to look at. (Use the Series filter if you wish to refine the search to a specific year.)

For past Edexcel A-Level exam papers click here. When the new tab opens click on Past papers and select A Level.