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Pupils continue to follow different pathways dependent on the GCSE or Vocational subject choices that they made through the options process. Year 11 follows a two week timetable.

All pupils are taught English (8 lessons per fortnight) and PE (7 lessons) as a whole population. Pupils for some subjects are grouped into half populations dependent on their tutor group.  C, E, F and M form band b, N, P, R, S and W form band c. Specifically, the subjects that are taught in half populations are Mathematics (9 hours) and Science (8 hours).

Pupils are also separated into 4 option blocks (w, x, y and z) and study one subject in each block. Each subject is taught for 6 hours across the fortnight.

Across blocks w, x, y and z pupils have opted to study four subjects. These subjects include; Art, Business Studies, Construction, Drama, Economics, Engineering, Food Technology, Information Technology, Media Studies, Music, Photography, Product Design, Psychology, RE and Sociology.

All pupils follow a PSHE programme during an Extended Tutor Time on Gold Fridays during period 1.


Important contacts

 Learning Coordinator  Reece Szreider
 Pastoral Support Officer  Sue Barker
 Deputy Principal   Matt Robinson