Sixth Form Trip to Peru

Llamas, Alpacas, Lakes, Mountains, Picks and Cement….the Wonders of Peru!

Six of our year 13 students joined up with students from two other schools this July to become Team Inca during an incredible 4 week trekking expedition to Peru.

A diverse, fascinating culture, breath-taking landscapes, warm, friendly people and a demanding schedule greeted them as they were treated to the beauty of Lake Titicaca, the Andes mountains, the ancient city of Cusco, the flavours of alpaca and guinea pig, and the wonder of the traditional Quechua language, to name a few!

Team Inca overcame many challenges, such as the harsh 4 day Saltankay Trek to Macchu Picchu, waking up to frozen tents and the effects of being nearly 5,000 metres above sea level. Our boys also led invaluable project work; tirelessly building foundations for a dining room, toilets, greenhouses and a kitchen for the local schools, amongst other things.  They were rewarded with the smiles and gratitude from both young and old, knowing that they made their mark in the local communities, by trying to make a better place for the locals to live.  Our boys brought tremendous strength and spirit to Peru and took away an experience which will shape them forever.

Mrs Thomas