Ofsted 2008

Extracts from the 2008 Ofsted report.

Carshalton Boys Sports College

In September 2008 Ofsted carried out their inspection of Carshalton Boys Sports College; below are a few of their conclusions.

  • The College has a strong commitment to providing the best possible opportunities for its students and this has resulted in an outstanding curriculum that creates excellent opportunities for personalising subject choice
  • Enjoyment of school is obvious in good behaviour and engagement in lessons and around the college
  • Carshalton Boys Sports College provides a good quality of education.The specialist status permeates every aspect of the college’s work, raising standards and boosting students self esteem
  • Students personal development and well being are well catered for and outstanding partnerships facilitate this
  • Students make an outstanding contribution to their own and the wider community

These are just a flavour of the excellent Ofsted comments that reflect the inclusive and purposeful ethos of Carshalton Boys.