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 Pathways Analysis on Entry to 6th Form:

All students are interviewed and fill in a form to identify aspirations. Course checking for key groups of professional destinations, e.g.  medical, clinical, scientific, engineering, etc.

September Year 12
Unifrog Launch – extensive resources for research and planning for Post 18 Options. Broad range of supporting extra / super curricular opportunities to enhance learning journey September Year 12 (ongoing)
 UCAS & Job Seekers Programme Commences October. Then ongoing.
(Refer to UCAS Page)
Year 12 (ongoing)
Impartial Careers Advisor Interviews October (Year 12)
Then ongoing
Year 12 (ongoing)
Aim Higher opportunities commence October (Year 12) Year 12 (ongoing)
 London Careers Fair November Year 12 & 13 (Optional)

 Borough Careers Fair

November Year 12 & 13 (Optional)

 Directions and Destinations

March Year 12 & 13

 Sutton Education Business Partnership Workshops

March - July Year 13

 Work Experience

July (1-2 week block)
Ongoing days based on
timetable (by agreement)
Year 12
Year 12 & 13

The Job Seekers programme at CBSC is mostly delivered through extended tutor time and consists of:

  • Pathways interviews and analysis: including course checking and advice.
  • On-going pathways interviews.
  • Access to digital resources and guidance.
  • Impartial careers advice through Prospects Careers Services.
  • Access to Careers Library Resources.
  • CV building and checking.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Apprenticeship workshops.
  • Job application workshops.
  • Further education workshops.
  • Work experience opportunities in Year 12.