Event / Activity

Timing Year Group
 Pathways Analysis on Entry to 6th Form:  All students are interviewed and fill in a form to identify  aspirations.  Course checking for key groups of professional destinations, e.g.  medical, clinical, scientific, engineering, etc. September Year 12
 6th Form Parents Information Evening  Introductory information given to parents and students. Please also  see website and 6th Form Handbook. September Year 12
 Professional Direction Key Groups  Key professional pathway groups are identified e.g future medics,  engineers etc. Aim Higher opportunities are then directed as  appropriate. October Year 12
 UCAS Parents Information Session  Introduction for Year 12.  FInance for Year 13. October Year 12 & 13
 Extensive Programme of Aim Higher University Events  Some generic and some course / career specific. October (Year 12). Then on-going. Year 12 & 13
 UCAS Guidance Programme  On-going series of UCAS workshops delivered through extended  tutor sessions, including:
  • Using UCAS website and key digital resource
  • Searching for courses
  • Finance
  • Finding the right course
  • Finding the right institution
  • Personal statements
  • Budgeting
  • Living at university
October (Year 12). Then on-going. Year 12 & 13
 University Aspire Programme  Oxbridge and Russell Group support programme. November (Year 12). Then ongoing. Year 12 & 13
 DIrections and Destination  University and careers workshops at CBSC. March Year 12 & 13
 Surrey UCAS Convention  Largest university convention: hundreds of university stands and  relevant workshops. March Year 12
 UCAS Day (1)  Registration and entering key information to UCAS. June Year 12
 Departmental References  Following registration subject teachers commence writing subject  references.  Deadline: September (Year 13) June Year 12
 Open Days  Students are actively encouraged to attend Open Days. Most Year  12’s start this process in the latter stages of Year 12 when they have  a clearer picture of university goals. Many Open Days occur on  Saturday’s or in the holidays: students are permitted 3 school days  off to attend Open Days. Permission must be sought in advance.  Further information in the 6th Form Handbook. June to July Year 12
 Sussex University Trip  Tour of campus and personal statement workshop. July Year 12
 UCAS Day (2)  Personal statement workshops. July Year 12
 PUSH Workshop  External provider workshop. July Year 12
 UCAS References Completed  Following completion of subject references, personal tutors will  complete UCAS references and upload to UCAS. September - October Year 13
 Advised Deadline for UCAS Applications  The school strongly advise that students complete their applications  by October half term in Year 13. There is strong evidence to suggest  that students who apply early get quicker, and in some cases, more  competitive offers. October Half Term Year 13
 Official UCAS Deadline January Year 13
 University Finance  Due to it’s personal nature the school is not not directly involved in  students applications for finance, however there are a number of  opportunities for advice and guidance:
  • Parents information evening
  • Directions and Destinations
  • UCAS programme workshops
  • PUSH
  • Surrey convention workshops
 Deadline for applications is in May
February Year 13
 Offer Acceptance  Prior to accepting offers, students are required to liaise with subject  teachers and UCAS co-ordinator to ensure firm and insurance offers  are viable and strategic. This process is supported by final collection  of predicted grades to aid student choices.  Deadline for acceptance is in May March Year 13
 Post Results Support  The UCAS co-ordinator and members of the 6th Form team will be  available to support UCAS students on results day and the days  following. August Year 13