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All pupils study the same curriculum in year 8. Year 8 follows a two week timetable.

Pupils for some subjects are grouped into third populations dependent on their tutor group.  Tutor groups C, E and F form band b, M, N and P form band c and R, S and W form band d. Specifically these subjects are English (6 hours per fortnight), Literacy Hour (2 hours), Mathematics (7 hours), Science (6 hours), History (3 hours), Performing Arts (2 hours), Modern Foreign Languages (4 hours) and PE (3 hours). These same bands follow a carousel of Technology subjects (4 hours). The subjects within this carousel include Food Studies, Design & Technology and Computer Science. Pupils follow the same subject for ten weeks before changing.

Pupils are grouped into tutor groups for, Geography (3 hours), Citizenship (3 hours), RE (2 hours), Art (2 hours) and Enrichment (2 hours).

Tutor groups C, E, F and R, S, W study Spanish, whilst M, N and P study French. Performing Arts lessons consist of Music, Drama and Dance lessons. All pupils also follow a PSHE programme during an Extended Tutor Time on Gold Fridays during period 1.


Important Contacts

 Learning Coordinator  Hannah Bishop
 Pastoral Support Officer  Sarah Tyson
 Deputy Principal  Paul Avery